Welcome back to the Well-Oiled Operations Podcast! Today I am talking with Dr. Robyn Graham and we are discussing a topic that I’m sure you are all familiar with in some shape or form and that is anxiety. Robyn has written a book called “You, Me and Anxiety: Take Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You” and woah, just that title alone should have you hooked, I know I was! Being in the world of small business, we know that it is an ever changing world. There is no consistency as an entrepreneur, things move and they move FAST and how do most people react when they are out of control? Their anxiety takes over. Business owners are constantly looking at their numbers, watching their money either grow or dip, trying to keep up with the algorithm and interests of their buyers, its exhausting and it can lead to burn out.

I am so happy to have Robyn join me today to discuss things like:

  • What even IS anxiety? How does it manifest and how can we overcome?
  • Robyn’s own personal anxiety journey and how she learned to navigate it
  • Anxiety that comes with MORE money
  • Failure anxiety and moving forward
  • Using the journaling method
  • Catching negative thoughts and challenging them

Anxiety shows itself in many different ways as a small business owner. There are so many unknowns, and our businesses can be fragile.

As business owners, we reflect how our business is feeling. We want to train you to do business less stressed and separate yourself from the numbers in order to take care of YOU! I’m so excited for you to hear this episode, I hope you enjoy!

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