I hear all the time “my team can’t make decisions without me.”

I always challenge the CEO to identify if that’s the real issue. Oftentimes it’s that they’re not ready to let go of control and are becoming the bottleneck for the team’s autonomy. It becomes so much easier to let go of control when you’ve gone through a specific decision-making process and are able to teach your team to do the same and set them up for success.

So today we’re talking about How to Overcome Indecision and Empower Your Team.

You think your team isn’t capable of making decisions. Or when they do, you question it and wonder why they did what they did. Especially when you are considering bringing a team member into a leadership role and you’re both unsure they can make decisions according to your standards and expectations, the prompts I’m suggesting here are helpful in reflecting on what stepping into that role would mean and will empower you both to make decisions confidently.

3 key takeaways you can expect from this training:

  1. The important role gut instinct plays in decision making. There is a deep connection between our gut and our minds. You can teach your team members to listen to their bodies.
  2. The costs of indecision in addition to time and money that might surprise you.
  3. What needs to happen in order to make a decision? I’ll share the systems that need to be in place and what strategies you need to be clarify in order to make the decisions that move everyone forward.

The biggest thing I want you to realize is that indecision is costing you business growth. There’s a PDF download that goes along with this training you’ll want to grab and refer back to. Just comment “DECIDE” on this post in the Facebook group and we’ll send it to you.

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