This one's for the parents. Balancing work and family life is never easy but somehow we have this idea that we will feel less “mom guilt” as an entrepreneur because we have more control over our schedules.

Then reality sets in, you're busier than you thought you would be, and you find yourself questioning if you're spending enough time with them.

I travel a lot and I've had a lot of people asking if I experience mom guilt while I'm away.

So I'm diving in today to the strategies I use, both practical and mindset, for finding that elusive work/life balance without the mom guilt.

3 tips for overcoming working mom guilt:

1. I like to use the perspective that time spent with our kids is more about quality than quantity. I'm very intentional about using the time that I spend with my family to be fully present.

2. I'm very confident in the experiences we're creating for our family and part of that means honoring my own interests, including traveling and learning.

3. Don't compare yourself to others. This is a big one! Figure out what works for you when it comes to finding balance and overcoming the guilt.

Keeping that third point in mind, I hope this episode gives you some insight into how you can run your business successfully without sacrificing time and relationships with your kids. And be sure you listen to the end, because I have a special request.

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