Heather Monahan shares her expertise in how to identify the “villains” in your quest for success in life and business.

In this episode, we discuss how when we feel fully confident to show up authentically despite the external influences of doubt or skepticism, we can see massive results in growing our business.

To clarify, the villains can be people who don’t get your purpose or mission and they can also be your own limiting beliefs. Either way, Heather shares in her book, Overcoming Your Villains, how to break free of the factors that are holding you back.

Three key takeaways from this episode:

  1. How “detoxing” yourself from negative influences in your life will allow you to step more fully into your potential. We also discuss ways you can do this without compromising your relationships.

  2. Why it’s so important to reduce and eliminate the negative influences, the consequences of not doing so, and the benefit of taking steps toward more positivity and supportive relationships.

  3. When “villains” show up as internal struggle, how to evaluate that and make a plan to reduce those limiting beliefs.

To get started with this process, Heather Monahan offers a free download at overcomeyourvillains.com to use the three steps – beliefs, action, and knowledge that are needed to move forward.

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