Stacy is joined by Robin Long, a successful fitness entrepreneur to discuss the importance of prioritizing physical/ emotional self-care for busy business owners and parents.

Robin shares her journey from being a Pilates instructor to building a thriving online fitness community and how her passion for fitness turned into a booming business. She discusses the challenges she faced along the way, and how she found creative solutions to scale her venture. Robin also discusses valuable insights into managing stress, understanding cortisol levels, and reframing the mindset around exercise. Learn how she’s setting a positive example for her own children by promoting body positivity, self-confidence, and a healthy approach to fitness.

Also in this episode: 

  • Children Are Always Watching: It’s important to be mindful of our body language, self-talk, and responses to comments about our bodies in front of our children.
  • Positive Self-Talk: Use these moments as opportunities to express self-love and confidence in your own skin.
  • Neutral Responses: Avoid reacting defensively or negatively when children make innocent comments about your body or appearance.
  • Modeling Healthy Activity: Explain to your children why staying active is important, emphasizing the benefits like energy, strength, and fun.
  • Avoid Food Guilt: Instead of saying you need to work out because of something you ate, emphasize that exercise contributes to your overall well-being and ability to enjoy life.
  • Focus on the “Why” for Movement: Discuss feeling energized, spending quality time with loved ones, and enjoying outdoor activities to help shift the focus from appearance to well-being.

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Physical/Emotional Self-Care And Stress Management for High-Performing Business Owners | feat. Robin Long

The Well-Oiled Operations Podcast With Stacy Tuschl