Our mastermind clients are the true embodiment of the word POWERHOUSE.

The name says it all. This group is unstoppable and not only that, they are the nicest group of people you will ever meet.

The community of entrepreneurs that we have built supports one another, we lift each other up, there is no question too big or too small that will go unanswered.

When you’re in this room and you feel the energy, there’s really nothing you can’t do.

What’s amazing is so many of my Powerhouse clients were once podcast listeners.

That’s why I wanted to share a little more about whats to come for my Powerhouse mastermind.

You are not ready for what’ we have planned in 2023.

My team and I have learned a lot over the years, and we have really turned this mastermind into a well oiled machine.

Next year is all about upleveling.

We are bringing you bigger and better in every aspect and I want to see YOU in the room next year.

Here’s to an amazing year ahead, if you want to learn more about joining Powerhouse, keep on listening!

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