Welcome back to Well-Oiled Operations. Today I am joined by Kim Rittberg! Kim is an award-winning Executive Producer, she is a digital video strategy expert, social media strategist, and on-camera media coach and public speaker with 500 million video views. Kim has worked with companies like Us Weekly, Netflix, PopSugar, PEOPLE Magazine, and Fox News. With such an impressive background, you know that she was a wealth of knowledge and came with so much GOLD for our audience!

Today we are diving into Kim’s background as an entrepreneur. I picked her brain about strategies and characteristics she has acquired over the years to become the insane success she is today and how she has navigated leaving her corporate life behind to build a business of her own!

At the end of the show, we dive deeper into content creation which was Kim’s role at Netflix and Us Weekly. Kim reveals her secret strategies that you can immediately start applying to your business! Enjoy!

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