How much money are you leaving on the table not following up with your best clients that are no longer with you?

We recently got a new RV a year ago and we had slim pickings on getting a spot for Memorial Day weekend but thankfully found something. It was our first experience and we had nothing to compare it to so our overall impression was it was “nice”. We said things like, it was good and we had fun, but there was no over the top reaction. Then we went to a few more that summer and fall and all we kept comparing the new campgrounds to was the first one. We had no idea how spacious the lots were, how safe it was for our kids to be wondering on their own, that dog parks are not standard, or that hiking trails are a huge perk. We didn’t realize how good we had it until we tried other places. Do you know how many times that happens with our clients? They leave thinking let’s try something new and sometimes they realize I should have stayed.

How can we remind them?

This is where a reactivation strategy comes into play. This is one of the concepts that we teach inside of our program, Well-oiled Operations.

How to Create a Reactivation Strategy

  1. Identify who you want to reactivate

  2. Create a rhythm of a touch point

  3. Direct ask when the timing is right

  4. Tell them what’s new and what you’ve done since they left

We call this strategy WOO & WOW. To grab our Ways to Wow Cheat Sheet. DM on Instagram @stacytuschl. Just say “wow” and I’ll send it over completely free.

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