Retiring Your Husband Doesn’t Have To Be The Goal In Business

There is an uprising of female entrepreneurs creating amazing businesses and I love being right there alongside them, but I didn’t do it by myself! You likely won’t either. I hear women saying things like I retired my husband as if they did it all by themselves and I think it’s amazing that women are becoming the breadwinners, but let’s take a moment to be real and recognize that we didn’t do this ourselves. When or if my husband retires, I know that it wasn’t because of me. We did it together and I think that’s what most people have to realize. You didn’t do anything alone, you did it because of the help and support of someone else. Technically yes…I’m the only owner of my business but the only reason any of those businesses are successful are not because of me. It’s because of the support, love and help my husband gave me.

I love that your goal may be to retire your husband but remember he’s going to help you do it and he should do it because he wants to be the one to retire. I mean think about it, why would your goal be to retire your husband if he doesn’t want to? How supportive do you think he will be if you try to retire him when he doesn’t want to do it? I remember taking a stand and thinking to myself, if my husband ever retires early it’s because he wants to not because I want him to and that’s what got him on board to allow me to chase my dreams even faster.

Every time he watched the kids while I was gone to a business conference, a speaking gig or a mastermind trip. Even the days the kids would be home and I would say I have a podcast interview, can you do something with the kids for an hour? He will take the kids outside to the park and keep them entertained or go in the room furthest away from my office. He’s been there listening to me rant about a negative review or giving me advice when I don’t know exactly what to do next because we’re in this together.

He trusts me beyond belief and your husband will too! Trust is a key piece to our success whether it be investments, business or family decisions we trust each other and that’s what allowed us to gain success and momentum. If he trusts me and I trust him and we’ve created a life and a business we love and we did it together, you can too. It allows us to feel free and to not be afraid to fall. I hold my mastermind events anywhere we want and we bring our family. This gives our family the experiences we want them to have and it all started not because I didn’t want to retire my husband but because I wanted to create a life we both wanted.

So when and if the time comes when he chooses to retire, I will not take ownership for that on my own, but we did it together. Be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life even if your husband isn’t supportive. You may be surprised just how fast they turn around when you turn your focus on giving them what they want instead of forcing what you want on them. Just remember, we rarely ever do anything on our own. There is help all around us.