Welcome back! Today I am interviewing powerhouse female founder, Ana Kraft. Ana is changing the game in her industry. She is the founder of Xena Footwear, footwear for women. Ana caters to a multitude of career women including manufacturing, engineering, construction, you name it and Ana has done it.

Xena Footwear has now been endorsed by Tesla, General Motors, General Electric, the list goes on. Ana was never an entrepreneur before, going in with no experience you will not believe what she has accomplished in just 4 years!

I talked with Ana about:

  • Her journey to entrepreneurship
  • “Shrink it and pink it” and changing that narrative
  • Her mindset going into this new journey and starting a business with no experience
  • The research on profitability in her niche
  • Challenges with creating something from an idea that didn't exist yet and working with manufactures to make it a reality

After listening to this episode, if you know a woman who is working in a field that Ana and Xena Footwear cater to, send them Ana's way!

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