Without an executive assistant on your team, you are leaving money on the table by doing all the things instead of only the right things.

You thought you’d be further along in your business – more sales, more referrals, it seems like things should start to feel easier by now.

But your brain never shuts off, you’re convinced you’re always forgetting something, constantly checking your calendar, and getting interrupted by notifications.

This is not the way to run a successful business.

Imagine starting your work day and knowing exactly what you need to accomplish and even better knowing that when you get those things done, you’ll have completed tasks that are truly moving the needle.

That’s what’s possible when you have an A-player executive assistant supporting you and your productivity.

You know this is what you need. But where do you even start?
What if you spend all this time and energy trying to find and hire someone and it doesn’t work out? I’ve got you!

In today’s episode, I’m outlining the exact system you need that will walk you through the whole process of hiring an executive assistant step-by-step.

3 key points about hiring an executive assistant:
1. At a very basic level, to prepare for hiring your EA you need to start with a job description. You can begin by doing a brain dump of all the things you need and want to get off your plate. Maybe it’s not a strength, takes you too much time, isn’t getting done consistently when it should be… get 30 minutes on your calendar to think through all the potential tasks an EA could do for you.

2. Make sure to look for the right qualifications such as being detail-oriented, highly organized, and professional. Your executive assistant’s job is to make you look good. Hire accordingly.

3. If you aren’t sure how much to delegate to your executive assistant, remember it’s perfectly okay to start out small and build the responsibilities as you grow.

Now I want to tell you about this brand new system we’ve created for you that will take you from posting your job description to sending your star EA their offer letter. From creating a job description that attracts the right people to efficiently weeding out unqualified candidates, all the way through to crafting an offer letter that sets you and your star EA up for success, you’ll be telling all of your entrepreneurial friends about this system!

Head over to aplayerassistant.com to start this 14-day journey for yourself and the future success of your business.

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