Strategies To Grow Your Visibility For Free

Need to grow your visibility? Don't have a huge budget? This one's for you. I interviewed Jill Stanton from Screw the Nine to Five and she told us all about how they've grown their empire and the strategies they are using today to get seen without spending a ton of money. Jill taught us about three pieces of content that can grow your visibility for FREE!

” The thing with visibility and traffic is that you really want to start playing to more of the organic side of things. There are always going to be people searching, there are always going to be people listening to other people's podcasts and live-streams and there are so many opportunities for us to really build long-term, sustainable traffic that is free, but just takes a little blood, sweat and tears. I know that isn't the sexiest thing to talk about, but, when it comes to building these ‘mammoth' audiences that a lot of us are trying to build and that a lot of big brands have, it takes hard work and hustle.”

– Jill Stanton

Cornerstone Content

  • Hit the major topic areas in your space depending on your industry. For Jill this includes, webinars, Facebook Live, blogging, social media, Facebook ads, Facebook groups (anything related to online marketing business lifestyle!)
  • Once you identify those topic areas you need to start creating content. Jill creates high impact pieces of content, similar to a free guide but they are blog posts.
  • Once you have that traffic started (for free!) make sure they are lead somewhere whether it is a product or offer of yours or it could be affiliate revenue.
  • As one person we cannot do everything! So affiliate revenue allows you to share other people's products or courses who are experts at something you may not have that still allows organic traffic and revenue for your business!

Where do you find cornerstone content?

  • If you don’t already have a community, look at what other people are talking about in the same industry.
  • Participate in Facebook groups and start searching for what people are talking about to start having conversations and making connections
  • Once you have done that you can start market research to dig deeper and you will start getting on other people’s podcasts, Facebook lives, build your email list etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to share other people’s stuff!

Promotional Content

Jill shared a story from one of her first jobs where she learned a hard truth, someone said to her “Who are you to pass up an opportunity?” Jill new she was nobody at that time and gives the advice to poeple just starting their business, who are you to decide what podcasts you have time for? Get yourself out there and make those connections!

What should you know?

  • The beginning may be rough, work on your story and how you deliver content
  • Podcasts that are just starting up may have smaller audiences but that doesn’t mean that are not engaged…which is what we really want! Engagement versus that vanity numbers.
  • As you build relationships you can start making more connections and referrals to get guests of your own and the momentum is build from there.
  • It is not always quality over quantity. I have been on big podcasts that I would have thought would be the episode that blows up my business but sometimes it’s the one that you've never heard of. They may not have a big following but all of a sudden you're getting all of these emails that day and your Facebook is blowing up and it's happened. I would definitely not discount certain people because you don't think they're big enough.
  • Earn the ability to be discerning!! Start asking for those intros and get out there!

How can you find promotional content?

  • Start by going to iTunes and searching the New & Noteworthy podcasts. These podcasts are always looking for new and more content!
  • Once you do that, you can start looking for guests for your own podcast.
  • Jill suggests opening a Google search and get into your niche or find a synonym of your niche. Use one of those words or a keyword you have and what kind of a guest you are looking for, “guest blogger” and on their site you may find the guidelines for how you can contribute, put in your links which will rank you higher and build your traffic!

Community Content

This is content that can include regular podcasting, blogging, live streaming, interviews, guest posts, etc. that is high frequency, engaging content that will show up in your audience's social media feeds or email every week.

  • These forms of content keep building the rapport and the relationships with your audience
  • Keep you front of mind so when they are looking for something you have to say and to sell, you are front of mind to them!
  • This is a great way to get in front of them, stay in their inbox and make them think of you when they are ready to buy.

I cannot thank Jill enough for taking time away from her family and new baby boy to go live and share this content! You can find Jill on social media, @screwtheninetofive.