Hey there! Welcome back! Today I am interviewing Brenda Heinecke, a physical therapy small business owner local to me in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is also one of my amazing Powerhouse clients. After getting to know my people a little more in our coaching calls, I always want to learn more so I want to include them on my show to continue these conversations and so other small business owners like yourself can hear their journeys and maybe find some similarities in your own. You are going to hear the good, bad, and ugly. As you know, being a CEO is not a walk in the park and from start to finish the ride isn’t always perfect. Hearing stories from CEO’s like Brenda give you some reassurance, you’re not alone in the struggle and you’re not alone in the success.

Today I talk with Brenda about:

  • The pros and cons of being a small business owner
  • Her journey from the idea of her business, changing paths, to finding her niche
  • Her plan to get through the recession
  • The calculated risks she took to get her where she is today

I hope you enjoy this real life entrepreneurial story from my amazing client Brenda! You are going to take away a lot of value and hopefully feel inspired after listening. Enjoy!

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