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Team meeting: Time for change!

Our team had our monthly meeting this morning where the agenda included introducing the one-pager, our updated internal growth ladder and job descriptions (with non-soliciting agreements) to reflect the one-pager.

I will fully admit I was the most nervous I have ever been for a meeting this morning and it went REALLY WELL! There was a lot of positive feedback and comments afterwards that really provided validation that this was necessary in order to provide clarity, direction, and motivation for the team. I call this a huge WIN in my business life and am looking forward to the months to come!

Erica Rupp
Musc Therapy


After +/- 8 weeks of WOO Implementation, my Architectural Practice is seeing significant signs of progress with Systems, Communications and Profitability...that once being a CEO is second nature (I am still struggling to stay out of the weeds), things will continue to improve. With 7 employees constantly reporting to and needing me, I could barely steer the ship, whereas now having clearly defined roles, expectations and structure (org chart), my team has become more resourceful and productive. What is different? I now value, prioritize and protect my CEO time which is freeing me up to actually pursue our 1-3 year Goals! my awesome Woo Accountability Coach! Thank you Team Woo! Excited for what is to come!

Jeffrey Eaton

I'm so thankful to have accountability and work that doesn't feel as though I'm running in circles getting nowhere.

My WIN of the week is when I started my Reactivation Sprint with customers that hadn't bought anything in 12+ months. I only had an unsubscribe rate of 1.5%! Also, on the first day had one sale. I'm excited to be refining my email & text lists to people that want to hear from me!

Katelyn Kimball
Ice Cream Shop

First Win Post!

Had my first JumpStart call today with the awesome @Christine from the Well-Oiled Team ! Already feel a sense of relief and inspiration. Can't wait to see what the next 30-day, 90-day, 6 months brings. Very excited to be part of this great community.

LaUra hallenberger
Cooler Accessories & Boat Decking Services


I kind of can't believe this.. although after a year in the program idk why I'm still surprised these concepts work.

I didn't realize how much mental energy it was taking from me, constantly having books and finances and numbers hanging over my head. Since hiring my Ops/Finance Admin (who hasn't even started yet), it has freed up so much space in my brain that I made $10,000 in SALES THIS WEEK!!


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