Welcome back to the show! Today is a big one. This is something I have struggled with for quite some time and I am finally feeling like I am learning how to detach from my business metrics. It’s taken me a long time to not let my numbers affect my mindset, and although there are going to be days that are harder than others, I think I have gotten a good grasp on separating myself from my results.

Our numbers fluctuate, that’s just the name of the game. Some weeks are great, some are good but not as good as the week before, and some weeks are just not what we hope for. It’s actually all okay, and it’s going to be okay no matter what!

Celebrate your wins, don’t let the pressure of hitting those goals again take away the success of it happening the first time. And then don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t!! In business, nothing is consistent and you need to remind yourself that the dips don’t define you! I am diving into how I have learned to separate my feelings from my numbers, take away the drama and see them for what they are: an opportunity to learn!! Enjoy!

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