Becoming more productive really comes down to focus and clarity but with so many different things you could be working on, you’ll easily be pulled in too many directions.

In today's episode, I'm sharing with you the ways you can start working more efficiently which will ultimately mean more time and financial freedom.

Three tips to take away from this episode:

1. We have to remember that we are in control of our schedules. Make sure everyone on the team knows what they are working on and uses this important strategy for reducing distractions.

2. You want to hold your team accountable for completing their responsibilities. When you expect that they use this time management strategy I'm talking about here, you know what they are working on and when.

3. Intentionally create time in your schedule for the specific purpose I mention to prevent everyone from getting pulled away from their most important revenue-generating tasks to take care of something that could be done an hour or two later instead.

Just like so many other things in your business, intentional productivity is a system. When you take the steps to prioritize clarity and focus, you continue moving forward with your task completion and energetically. There is a PDF download that goes with this training. Head on over to this POST and comment PRODUCTIVITY to grab the list of even more tips.

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