It’s important to understand that you can’t scale a broken business model. In today’s episode, I’m helping you get to the root of the reason you’re having trouble scaling and can’t quite get past that multiple 6-figure barrier.

Truly scaling means being able to take what’s working and make it available to a wider audience, increasing your revenue, without compromising your profit margin.

When your business model is proven and you know you have a best-seller, there are a few reasons why you aren’t able to scale it to that 7-figure goal you’re shooting for.

Three important takeaways in this episode:

  1. Realistic expectations are everything. Understanding the natural evolution of business, hitting a stumbling block and being able to fix the leaks and keep growing is critical to successfully scaling.

  2. The mindset shift you need to maintain when you get stuck and a practical strategy to keep your positive thoughts top-of-mind.

  3. 5 common problems getting in the way of scaling including risk assessment, delegation, automating, knowing your numbers, and mindset.

I’m sure you’ll find some insight here into why you’re getting stuck. The most important thing to remember? It’s normal. The key is the determination to keep moving forward. Your mindset is a huge part of this and you can find some great tips on this in my YouTube video, The Best Mindset Practices for Strong Leadership Skills

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