Ready to unleash your personal best in the new year? I am so ready to be my very best in 2022.

Today’s episode is a little different from what you’re used to hearing from me.

But being my best, committing to my own personal development has truly been the “secret” to my success as a small business owner.

This podcast episode is a sneak peek intro to the Powerhouse 30 – a challenge we’re running this month.

Let’s encourage each other, joining in community to devote ourselves to holistic wellness.

In this episode I’m talking about:

* The 6 dimensions of wellbeing
* Why you NEED a customizable plan
* What to expect in the Powerhouse 30

I promise this challenge is unlike anything else happening on the internet to kick off the new year. It’s not too late to join us! Hop over to to register.
I’ll see you LIVE on Tuesdays every week in January at 12 pm on Instagram.

Can’t wait for us to pursue our personal best together!

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