In this episode of the Well-Oiled Operations™ podcast, Stacy explores the seller’s blueprint with Aleta Mechtel, uncovering the secrets behind successfully preparing a business for sale. This discussion delves deep into the strategies and systems Aleta implemented to sell her profitable educational enterprise. Aleta discusses the critical role of her well-structured leadership team and how detailed procedures and policies can significantly increase a business’s value. She stresses the importance of planning with the end goal in mind, advising aspiring sellers to start preparing years in advance.


Also in this episode:

  • Preparing for a business sale should begin well in advance, potentially years before the intended sale date.
  • Profitability is key in determining a business’s value, making attention to the bottom line crucial in the years leading up to a sale.
  • Structured policies and procedures and a strong leadership team that operates independently of the owner are pivotal elements that potential buyers seek.
  • A business owner must detach from being the face of the business, allowing for the company to continue functioning successfully post-transition.


About Aleta Mechtal:

Aleta has over 22 years of experience in early childhood education, progressing from Teacher to Director, Owner, and Coach. Starting from the ground up, she faced numerous challenges and failures but continually learned and improved. She successfully grew her business during a recession, expanded to four locations, and launched two additional businesses addressing childcare staffing issues. Through her journey, Aleta realized the importance of collaborative success and is now dedicated to guiding others on their paths to success.


What Aleta Says About WOO:

This program is exactly what you need to get your company running effectively and efficiently. Stacy and her team will teach you how to get all of your processes in order so your company will run itself. Do not pass this up. You deserve to invest in yourself! 


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