Welcome back to the Well-Oiled Operations podcast! You have no idea how excited I am about my guest today. I am so grateful to my previous client Martine Williams for connecting me with Cindy Monroe, the founder of 31 Gifts. I had the best time getting to know Cindy and picking her brain about how she grew her business from the ground up scaling to $800 million dollars in revenue! Cindy shares her journey with vulnerability and honesty as she opens up about both her successes and her struggles to get to where she is today.

I talked to Cindy about:

Her story and how she started her company at 28 years old

What worked and what didn't in her rise to success

Characteristics and skill sets she needed to learn to grow her business and get through the hard times

What happened with her business during the pandemic

Her area of expertise before starting her business

The big things her as the CEO was focused on in the beginning

What her vision looks like for the future of 31 Gifts


I love interviewing strong, successful women who are empowering other women entrepreneurs to build a business they love! Talking with Cindy was such a treat and definitely left me feeling inspired and grateful. Enjoy today's episode!

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