Top Systems You MUST Have To Get Your Business Started And Structured For Success

Is your business feeling a little bit unorganized? Not anymore! I’m giving you the top 3 systems you need to put in place to grow and scale your business! Now the good news for you is opportunities are all over the place. There are a million free or very low-cost tools that you can have that will really, really help you grow your business.

#1 – Find a team or project management software

Now you might be thinking, but I don’t have a team so I don’t need to listen to this. Well…you’re wrong because you may not have a team but you definitely have to manage projects!! I want you to stay organized and keep everything together. There are a bunch of free ones that have paid options like Trello, Basecamp and Asana.

Here’s the thing, you might have one that I didn’t mention and you might look and research the other ones because that’s what I did! I would hear people say what they were using and I would drop what I was doing and jump to the next software. But as long as you’re able to manage your tasks well and you’re staying organized then keep the software you are using because they’re all very similar, they’re just a little bit different in certain ways.

So when you find one that you like and you resonate with, that is the one that I want you to use. Remember, you want to find the one that best works for you and your team. (Don’t worry about writing all these down because I’m going to have a free download for you with all of the links!)

#2 – A customer management system

Everybody always says you’ve got to grow your list and here’s the thing, I hear this all the time but I never focus on it!! I focused on vanity numbers, I wanted big numbers on Facebook, followers on my fan page and all of that. But you really do need to focus on your list. So how do you do that?

Well you want to find a software that’s going to help you. So good ones to get started include Convertkit and ActiveCampaign. Again, these are two very reasonably priced email providers that you can get started with today and start growing your list. The bigger your list is, the bigger chance you have at warming up those customers.

#3 – An income generating system

You have to make sure that you’re not just doing all of this for free. We need to actually bring in revenue to keep this business going. You might hear fancy terms like sales funnels, leadpages, landing pages, opt-in pages, right? It’s all the same thing! What it is, is a funnel that’s going to help take our customers on a journey and they’re going to start by seeing one of your free content pages and then they jump on your list and all of a sudden they’re through this funnel where you start to sell them something.

There’s some really great tools out there like Leadpages, ClickFunnels and Kajabi is one that I use that helps my list building and it also houses my courses when I sell online courses. So be thinking about something like that and figure out again which one works best for you. You might have a great one that works really well and then you keep hearing different names. Again, this is what was happening to me. All the time I would be in something, I’d be using it and then all of a sudden I would hear a guru say a name and what do I do? I would quick switch and I don’t want you to be doing that. So just stay where you are and continue to work well in it unless you feel like it’s holding you back!

With some of these courses and some of these hubs that you’re able to create, which one is best for you? One of the biggest mistakes I see some of my clients making is they think I’m going to do it myself, I don’t need to get one of these services, I’m just going to use my website or I’m just going to have try and copy somebody else’s.

I honestly would try to find somebody that can help you set this up or if you buy something like Leadpages, Kajabi or Click Funnels, they’re going to have templates in there where it’s just plug and play.  You don’t have to be a graphic designer or need to hire one so make sure to check out one of those softwares and make sure to do it now because let me ask you, how much faster are you going to be able to grow and scale your business when you’re not spending all day working out of your zone of genius?!

Now if you want to go grab that free download we’ve got our favorite tools on there again, all either free or very low cost tools that are going to help you grow your business. Go here and check out that freebie!