Top Takeaways from Russel Brunson’s Mastermind

There’s really nothing that motivates me like an incredible mastermind experience.

I made the bold decision to invest $50K in a mastermind with Russel Brunson

His conference changed everything and here I’m sharing my top takeaways from this Inner Circle. 

A mastermind gives you the chance to not only learn from the established leader of the group, but to benefit from the expertise of everyone in the group. 

At the Inner Circle conference, I learned as much from breakout sessions, casual conversations, and other speakers as I did from Russell himself. 

However, I did have the opportunity to have a 1:1 chat with him that blew my mind and allowed me to reframe the direction of the Foot Traffic programs. 

Here are the most powerful insights I’m now busy putting into action. 

Nothing is ever a waste 
  • We tend to think that if we change direction, or an employee doesn’t work out, or we discontinue a product, that we’ve wasted the time and effort we put into that venture. One thing that stood out to me in one of Russell’s talks was that, “nothing is ever a waste.” You learn, grow, and make future decisions because of every experience. It literally does not matter if something didn’t work out as you had originally planned. You do better when you know better and you wouldn’t be where you are now if you hadn’t taken all of the steps behind you in your journey. 
Mix it up
  • There’s no need to continue coming up with new offers and the next big thing. The most sustainable businesses, even large companies, take what’s working, mix it up, and present it in a new way. Don’t think that just because you have already done something, that you’ve maxed it out. How can you put a new spin on something that already exists?
Allow the shiny object syndrome to enhance and not distract you
  • I am 100% guilty of having shiny object syndrome. I am always on the lookout for the next best thing. I’m a dreamer and I’m always working toward bigger and better things. When I get distracted though, I tend to jump in too fully, making a big pivot, and losing my focus with what was currently working. When I heard this perspective from Russel, a lightbulb went off. We can assess whatever it is that’s distracting us about that shiny object and work it into what we’re already doing.
You will go faster when you’re in alignment 
  • While at this conference, I made the mental decision to focus more of the Foot Traffic instruction on team building and systems rather than having a strong marketing focus. I hadn’t communicated this with the team yet or anything. At this same time, a podcast listener reached out to our team and enrolled in our mastermind group. I have no other way to explain this than energetic alignment. It’s simply true that when you are as closely aligned with your gifts as you can be, the faster you will experience growth. 
When you own who you are you’ll help the right people. 
  • At one point during the conference, I was casually talking with a guy near me who stated that he recognized me. I was surprised and pleased but then immediately disappointed when he said, “Yeah. You’re the leads girl.” I felt so deflated. Yes, I teach marketing and how to get more leads. But beneath that there is so much mindset, systems, best practices, financial analysis, etc. etc. that is so much more important that I’m teaching small business owners. This conversation was really the catalyst for my reflection into how I want to show up in the future. 

When I decided to own that I am so much more than “the leads girl,” and allowed the messaging we’re putting out to reflect that, we began really attracting the people that I know I’m here to serve. 

Start with where they are and hook them into what they need. 
  • Even when you hone in on who you really are, what you do, who you serve, and how you serve them, it’s important to take one step back from that solution you’re offering. Your ideal person needs what you have to offer, but they may not know it yet. To really get the conversions, you need to create messaging that identifies where your people are now which then makes what you have to offer the logical next step. 

I recorded a podcast episode, I just invested $50K in a mastermind before I even went to this conference. I knew then that this experience would be a game changer. I had no idea the mind-blowing insights I would walk away with from the Inner Circle conference. 

If you have the opportunity to invest in a mastermind, take it! 

If you know you need to find your people and receive support to level up your business, you can learn about the programs inside Foot Traffic by scheduling time to talk with a team member.