Especially as you are transferring responsibility to team members they won’t always do everything perfectly. Rather than doubting your decisions to delegate, you can see mistakes as a learning experience for everyone and a chance to increase your customer retention.

We’ve all had the experience of being so frustrated by a business’s mistake that we decide never to spend our time or money there again. But when you think back to those times, consider if it was truly that they made a mistake that was so off putting or if it was the way they handled it.

I bet that when a business that has delivered excellent services or products in the past takes ownership of their mistakes and offers a chance at reconciliation you would take it rather than searching for another provider of that offer.

In today’s episode, taken from the weekly training inside the Scale Your Small Business Facebook group, I’m sharing three steps to turning mistakes into lifelong customers.

1. I’m revealing tips for how to actually plan for mistakes to happen and why it’s so important that you do.

2. When a mistake does occur, you can take ownership in a professional way and I’ll share what that has looked like in my businesses.

3. I’m sharing my thoughts on how to consider the needs and wants of your customer and offer a small opportunity to make an apology and show your appreciation for their continued business.

To get a copy of the “oops card” we use at my dance studio when a mistake happens (and it does) head on over and comment ‘oops’ on this post in the Facebook group and we’ll send it to you!

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