Today’s podcast guest is Forbes contributor Melissa Houston, life coach, founder of The Business Society, and CPA.

If you’ve ever wondered what the benefit is of hiring a CPA or a fractional CFO, Forbes contributor Melissa Houston is pulling back the curtain in this conversation on who you need, what to look for, and why having someone manage the finances of your business is critical to your success.

Three important key points to listen for in this episode:

  1. The unconventional place Melissa starts with her clients before building a financial plan.

  2. Who you need to hire and the differences between a bookkeeper, CPA, and fractional CFO. And the critical importance of not going with the cheapest option.

  3. Number one tip for challenging and unpredictable economic times. How much do you need in reserves? How can you thrive during times of inflation? We cover it all.

More than anything, my wish is that this conversation brings you hope that no matter what financial situation you find yourself in, there’s no reason to feel shame or guilt around it. We can’t be awesome at everything! That’s why it’s so great to have people like Melissa to guide us along the way.

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