In this episode of Well-Oiled Operations, host Stacy Tuschl dives into the challenging yet rewarding process of becoming a master delegator in your business for the ultimate goal of achieving long-term success.  

The whole point of Well-Oiled Operations is getting yourself out of the day-to-day operations of your business and achieving a level of success where it can run smoothly without your constant presence. We address the misconception of quick fixes and overnight success, emphasizing the need for hard work and a realistic timeline. Join us as we explore the steps involved, including creating organizational charts, finding the right leaders, developing systems, and implementing accountability measures. If you’re ready to build a sustainable business that thrives even when you’re not in the driver’s seat, this episode is for you.

Also in this episode: 

  • How long does it take to get yourself out of a business?
  • The importance of having a future org chart
  • Create clear job descriptions
  • Sometimes managers aren’t leaders yet
  • Put in an accountability system and weekly metrics
  • Short-term sacrifice leads to long-term success
  • Most small businesses in the US are not sold

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About Stacy Tuschl And Well Oiled Operations:

I’m a best selling author and speaker, the owner of multiple 7-figure businesses and the creator of the Well-Oiled Operations™, where I help small business owners get more customers in their door, more profit in their pockets, and more happiness in their homes.

My in-depth process guides my students to break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses—all without sacrificing their families or lifestyles. You shouldn’t be sacrificing your life for your business; your business should be supporting your life.

I know what it’s like to toss and turn at night over an expense, to wonder if you’ll ever make your dreams come true, and to look in the mirror and ask, “Is this business even worth it?”

And while I don’t know you personally, I can tell you the answer is “yes.” You had a vision of starting your own business and you had the courage to actually do it. But starting and running a business are two different things. Now that you’re up and running, I’m going to help you turn your local business into your dream business.

More calm and less chaos. More revenue and less stress.

Becoming A Master Delegator: The Truth About Getting Yourself Out And Achieving Long-Term Success With Well-Oiled Operations