When the economic outlook is unpredictable, it’s normal to feel like you need to make some big changes in your business to drastically increase your revenue and create a safety net. But you’re already overworked and creating a new income stream seems nearly impossible with everything you already have on your plate.

Instead of doing more, you just need A Framework for Creating or Optimizing Your Best Seller.

Three key takeaways from this episode:

1. 3 questions to continually ask yourself that will keep you focused on what is most important.

2. A fill in the blank statement to keep consistent and continue slightly refining to be sure you are a business that stays afloat no matter what.

3. The next steps to take when you have your three questions answered and your statement solid.

There are many ways you can increase sales and revenue and improve your profit margin, no matter what the uncertain circumstances are that you find yourself in. And it doesn’t involve doing more work or creating something new. I’m sure you’ll come away from this episode with some practical suggestions you can take action on right now to begin optimizing your best seller.

Remember you can comment ‘FRAMEWORK’ on this post to get the outline I mention here and some additional questions to ask yourself as you work through this process.

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