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Profit Margin of over 50%

“Within one week of working with Stacy I made $700. Within just a few weeks, I have consistently made 4-figures per day, almost every day from ONE automated marketing system that Stacy taught me. I gain new leads and customers every. single. day. It’s hard to believe that with this being my first year in business that I have generated over $400k with a profit margin of almost 50%. Thank you Stacy!

– Rachel Ngom, Pinterest Strategist

I more than DOUBLED my income!

“Six months into working my business full time, I scaled my revenue from $2800/month to $10,000/month and… two months later more than doubled my income all because of Stacy’s coaching.

I am forever grateful to Stacy for leadership, advice and strategic direction as it has allowed me to build a business that I love and build a crazy cool life full of freedom, wealth and peace for me and my family.

– Michelle Fernandez, Funnels, Facebook, & Instagram Ads Strategist

After 7 months,
I had my biggest launch ever!

“I always understood and believed that sometimes you need to spend money to make money, but I was still scared. So, I kept showing up and taking all the free training I could. After several months of listening, implementing and learning, I had a wake-up call.

If I was getting all of that amazing info for free, imagine what I would learn in the paid program. I was maxed out on what I could “figure out” from free content, YouTube and Google. I knew if I wanted to make this business really succeed, I needed help and support. So, I told myself that by joining FTF, I was making a personal commitment to show up, do the work, and learn. In the first 3 months of the program, I earned back my entire investment by implementing what Stacy teaches.

– Megan Sumrell, Time Management & Productivity Coach