Stop micromanaging. It’s truly a significant waste of your time and money. And yet so many small business owners find it difficult not to micromanage.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you exactly how your micromanaging is costing you and more importantly what you can do about it.

I want to also say, if you find yourself micromanaging, don’t be too hard on yourself about it. We’ve all been there. Micromanaging is a sign that your work is important to you and it matters that things get done to a certain standard. That’s a good thing.

But you can channel that passion into productivity rather than micromanaging every little task.

Here are three important points I’m making in this episode:

1. What you risk losing if you continue micromanaging.

2. The number one reason you’re probably micromanaging and what you can do instead to get the same results.

3. The system that allows progress to be tracked and holds team members accountable without micromanaging.


I hope this episode inspires you to realize that micromanaging starts with good intentions but it is costing you and helps you realize that there are steps you can put in place to create a system that works better for everyone.

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